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Equine & Farms

Equine Protection

For those who love their horses and don’t know what they would do without them – this coverage is for you. Horses aren’t just best friends, they are costly investments in money, time, and energy. Though insurance cannot be provided to replace your time and energy of working with and improving your horse, protection of your investment and even growth of the investment can be secure with SELECT.

Coverage can be provided up to the Actual Cash Value “purchase price” and then for the “agreed value” – adjusted worth of the animal on the market as its show success rises. Within the mortality protection are various limits of provided sudden colic illness and surgery costs.

Further coverage and protection from unforeseen medical expenses is available with your “death insurance.” Coverage for Major Medical costs are available to cover veterinarian, hospital, and prescription medication expenses associated with an injury or illness (sudden) to your animal. This coverage can be offered with limited or full diagnostic costs covered.

You can even purchase protection from the loss of use of the animal. Although this coverage is pricy, some may truly feel the need of having dollars returned should the animal be unable to continue in its prior occupation for you.

Personal Equine Liability

If you keep your horse at home or board at a stable and aren’t engaged in any equine activity for which you are paid, personal equine liability insurance may be all you need. It protects you in case your horse injurses someone or does property damage. Before investing in personal equine liability insurance, check with your homeowner’s insurance carrier. It may provide coverage for your horse activities if you have your horse on your property or if you board, but you must ask. A homeowner’s umbrella insurance policy can also provide additional coverage.

Care, Custody, and Control

If you board horses (even short stays), you should obtain care, custody and control liability insurance. This insurance protects you from liability should a horse in your care suffer and injury or die. These policies cover the mortality or a horse or the cost of veterinary care up to the limit of the policy.

Professional Liability Insurance

This provides coverage to riding instructors, trainers, and clinicians in the even of a claim or lawsuit resulting from a negligent act, error or omission related to their professional equine activities. Riding instructors are often under the mistaken beliefs that a student has assumed the risk of riding, and the signed waiver and state equine protection law will protect them.

How much insurance do you need?

The simple answer to this question is to buy as much insurance for all the activities you engage in as you can afford. The adage “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is only too true.

The professionals at SELECT can help to guide you through the maze of questions and pricing for this protection. Call us for specifics or connect and submit your application for pricing and approval.

Please call us for a quote @ (248) 698-7600 or chat to get pricing for your “baby”.